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Certified Los Angeles Department of Water and Power water sub meters are the same quality that is used for your service water meter at the street. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have available five different size water sub meters to purchase. You are allowed only one additional water sub meter per service water meter at the street. You can't purchase a water sub meter larger than your service water meter. You can purchase a water sub meter one size smaller than your service water meter. These water sub meters come with an ERTS wireless antenna that is read by the meter reader with a handheld device.

The life of a water meter may last up to 50 years. They contain no lead.

The five sizes available for LADWP water sub meters are:

5/8"x3/4", 1"x3/4" intermediate, 1"x1" regular, 11/2", and 2".

California Utility Services will get you the right size meter for your residence or commercial property. The water sub meter is read in hundred cubic feet. Each one unit represents 748 gallons of water. Your tier water usage and sewer service charge is based on hundred cubic feet units. The service water meter and the water sub meter can be used for leak detection and conservation. For leak detection when you have all the water shut off at the property. Go to your service meter at the street and see if the diamond or star is moving? If it is then you have water coming onto your property without your knowledge.

Next you need to isolate water usage from house and irrigation. If you can turn off the house water line and the service meter is still moving then your leak is on the irrigation side. Look for wet areas, broken pipes or sprinkler heads. If the irrigation is shut off and the house water on and the service meter still spins then the leak is in the house. Look for toilets still running, dripping water faucets, water line from fridge, etc...

Conservation using water meters is achieved by monitoring and recording your usage around the same time LADWP reads your meters. Incorrect bills happen and it's up to you to find the errors. Learn how to read your bill.

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