California Utility Services

Expert DWP Sub Water Meter Distribution Services

One stop shop for certified DWP Sub Water Meter, LADBS permit, and installed by licensed and bonded plumbers.

California Utility Services

California Utility Services has provided since 2003 certified LADWP Sub Water meters, Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Permits, and installed on thousands of LADWP customers residential and commercial properties.

In accordance with Los Angeles Municipal Code

(LAMC) Sec.64.41.03 (g) 3Aii.  The program is called Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Sewer Service Charge Relief Program.  Installation of a DWP certified Sub Water Meter saves up to 80% from your Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Sewer Service Charge (SSC).

Currently properties without a DWP certified DWP Sub Water Meter pay an estimated sewer service charge based on an estimation of your average daily usage during the rainy period from the prior year.  There are many inequities as result of DWP formula and billing.  Customers should not have to pay sewer service charge for landscape and pool water.  The water goes into the ground or evaporates in the air.  It does not go down the sewer.

DWP customers are allowed one certified DWP Sub Water Meter per service water meter for the property.  DWP will read two meters, your service water meter at the street and the Sub Water meter usually installed by your water manifold located by the house or commercial building.  Installation is on the tributary water line going into the house (B installation) or on the landscape irrigation water sprinkler lines (A installation) will provide actual meter reading water brought into the house or actual reading of water used for landscape and pool water.  The actual reading from the DWP Sub Water Meter saves up to 80% from your sewer service charge (SSC).

This is an investment in you property that will keep on paying you back.

Order Now.  Save Your Cash From Going Down The Drain.

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