What are the 2 main leak detection tests called?

The most common leak detection devices are, smart water meters, acoustic emission detectors, fiber optic sensors, negative pressure detectors, ultrasonic technologies, and infrared thermograph devices and sub water meters.

Pressure Decay Test

Vacuum Decay Test

A vacuum decay test or rather, a pressure rise test, works in the opposite way of the pressure decay test. This method involves evacuating the part to suitably low pressures and, after stabilizing the pressure, measuring the increase in pressure caused by test media entering the part.

Here is the Best Guide to Smart Water Meters Ever

A Guide to Smart Water Meters for you to use in order to reduce the usage of your water intake and usage. Want to Save Money on your water bills?

Smart Water Meters are advanced devices that measure, monitor, and communicate water usage from consumer to provider, in order to facilitate proper water management and percise billing. Smart Water meters are equipped with an electronic computing unit, or ECU, which facilitates communication between, the meter and the supplier.

Unlike mechanical water meters, smart meters track water usage, and areas of non-usage, plus detects when and where there are any water leaks. Thus, preventing water damage, water loss, and stopping you from paying for water that you are not even using.

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Our Smart Water Metere & Leak Detection Solution for Builders Prevents 90% of damage costs due to undetected leaks

SOLUTION: In-line monitoring with a shutoff

➢ Certified sub-meter + water risk
➢ Lorawan transmission ensures
➢ Edge computing on gateway to predict,
detect and mitigate risks
➢ Flood sensor for appliance leak
➢ Data visualization on mobile devices
SOLUTION: Monitoring with clamp on meter
➢ Accurate consumption
monitoring for risers and larger
➢ Ultrasonic technology.
➢ Plug and play install.
➢ Data visualization on mobile


Go Green with Water savings

Case Study 1

WATERLOO 110-unit Students Housing

$2000/ month

95% of leaks
identified and fixed



The properties were experiencing relatively high-water consumption during periods of minimal occupancy that were the result of COVID occupancy restrictions and general seasonality with the academic year. Dollar impact was in excess of $4,000 per month for water and sewer charges for an empty building.

The problem was addressed in the short term when the water supply to the individual toilets was shut off. As this was a temporary fix, the building owner was looking for a way to identify when toilets were running and/or other high usage and/or leak events that were otherwise going undetected and were no action was being taken.


The final solution was to install in-line smart meters from Saya
Life www.saya.life on the cold-water feed to in turn provide;

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•Shut-off capabilities
•Notification and diagnostic tool to pinpoint where leaks
and/or over usage were taking place
•Data collection for sharing with insurance provider