Water Meter Installation

Water Submeter Installation

California Utility Services offers full service installation of certified LADWP water sub meter. We will get Los Angeles Department of Water and Power certified water sub meter, Building and Safety permit for final inspection, and installed by our licensed and bonded plumbers. Installing a water sub meter will save you up to 75% from your sewer service charge (SSC) portion of your bill.

The City of Los Angeles Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation Sewer Service Charge Relief Program
LAMC 64.4 is for L.A.DWP account holders only.

Installing a water sub meter to your domestic tributary line (B) install allows you the opportunity to obtain an actual count on your water usage that goes into your home and down the drain when toilets, showers, sinks, hot water heater, clothes and dish washing machines are used. The water sub meter is read and billed as your SSC charge.

Installing a water sub meter to your irrigation system and pool fill water line is an (A) installation. You will not pay a SSC charge for the water that goes into the ground or evaporates from the pool. The water sub meter is read and this portion is subtracted from your tier total usage that total units is used for the SSC charge. The result will be the same SSC charge if you had the water sub meter on the tributary house line.

Stop paying with an estimated usage taken from the previous year that gives you an SSC amount that keeps going up. Stop overpaying the estimation by installing a water sub meter that will record the actual usage.

We do it all for you. This program is available from California Utility Services. Get you certified DWP water sub meter, LADBS plumbing permit, and install. One-year warranty on install and labor. Five- year warranty on LADWP water sub meter.

This investment for your residential or commercial property keeps paying you back. It pays for itself within a short period of time, saving you up to 75% from your sewer service charge. LADWP customers stop your cash from going down the drain. Start Saving Money on Your LADWP bill.