Smart Water Meters to Prevent Sudden Water Damage and Leaks

Homeowners Insurance Sudden Water Damage: What it Does and Does Not Cover:

What Sudden Water Damage Does Cover in Homeowners Insurance:

It seems simple enough… wouldn’t sudden water damage cover any sudden water damage to my home? Well, as we know, what seems simple to one reasonable person is not that simple when described in an insurance contract.

Actually, sudden water damage is very specific in an insurance policy and many people are surprised when they go to file a claim and find that the sudden water damage that they thought would be covered under their homeowners insurance was actually denied.

Sudden water damage in a homeowners insurance policy is usually defined as an accidental and sudden discharge of water.

So, take for example you were getting ready for a bath and were filling up the bath tub. You get a phone call and have to rush out immediately and oh by the way, you forgot to shut off the water.

When a homeowner Insurance disaster like water damage occurs it is a big problem and can really ruin the home and dent your pockets. The home can still be standing and look fine, but the mold that starts to grow due to water damage in home can make a home unsafe and uninhabitable. Most Homeowners insurance covers water damage but is very specific on the kinds and types of water damage that is covered. One type of water damage that is covered under homeowners insurance is sudden water damage.

Sudden water damage is a coverage under most home owners insurance but can still be confusing and is limited.

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Let’s take a look at some examples of sudden water damage coverage that a typical homeowners insurance policy would cover and some examples of sudden water damage that a typical homeowners insurance policy would not cover.

Unfortunately, when you got back you found practically your whole house from the upstairs floor down, ruined by water damage. That would be considered and accidental and sudden discharge of water and covered under your homeowners insurance.

A Smart Water Meter by Aquacero can detect abnormal water usage based on unique user signatures and notify the user on their mobile device. The user can remotely shut off the pipe to prevent damages and unnecessary insurance hassles and premium hikes.

Another example of water damage that some associate with sudden water damage would be a leaking pipe. Many find a leaking pipe in their homes and to them, this seems like sudden water damage but it is really a maintenance issue. In a homeowners insurance policy, any water damage that is due to leaking water over time is not covered. So, although it seemed like sudden water damage because it was just found and can be a sudden shock to the homeowner, it is not considered sudden water damage to the insurance company and would not be covered.

A Smart Water Meter by Aquacero comes equipped with an Ultrasonic flow sensor and can detect 0.01 g/m flow through the pipe so any long time lingering water leak will be detected and the user can fix the issue before it is too late.