Smart Water Meters and their Benefits


Long Range Wireless Technology

Saya Life’s long Range “Valet” technology allows for easy deployment in large single family homes, residential and commercial buildings.


SAYA Gateway is an edge-computing data collector that can receive data from over 2000 meters for multi-dwelling and commercial applications.

Earthquake Shut Off

Automatically shuts off water supply during earthquake.

Smart Consumption Reports

Ability to dis-aggregate consumption based on specific fixtures.

AI Sub-metering Platform

Saya is the only AI based sub-metering platform that is certified for sub-metering application and can predict, monitor, detect and prevent damages caused by anomalies.

SAYA Partner Program

Available for all residential & commercial installations.

SAYA Mobile App

Saya Mobile App is part of SAYA Eagle platform which provides a easy to use UI/UX for single family home owners, Multi-dwelling property managers, Commercial property managers or tenants. The mobile app allows for remote management of your water system and also learn and achieve water conservation and bill reduction goals.

IP 67/68

All weather commercial grade construction for outdoor & indoor use.

SAYA Eagle

SAYA Eagle is our SAAS platform for data monitoring and analysis for leak detection and billing.

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