Best Top-rated Whole House Smart Water Meter and Leak Detection Systems

Discounted leak defense for commercial and residential single-family homes and multifamily high-rise condos with basic or internet or smart home.

How Does a Smart Water Leak Detector Impact my Homeowners Insurance in Los Angeles, California.

Smart Water Leak Detectors are an excellent method to save thousands of dollars on home insurance claims. Water damage repair is costly.

Did you know, state law requires all California cities to install meters of some kind by 2025. How do smart water meters work? Smart meters collect data and allow you the customer to gauge your water usage, thus letting you automatically shut-off your water incase of any emergency or a natural disaster, or even a if a water main or pipe bursts, breaks, or leaks.

For all NON LADWP customers, these Smart Water Meters typically cost around $199, or above, however, the LADWP is offering a $175.00 discount to all LADWP single-family residences. So, once you have had the smart water meter sensor and bridge properly installed, you will recieve an additional $25.00 refunded to the credit card of the LADWP customer with valid LADWP account number with active account.

Did you know, the LADWP utility company, originally installed smart meters, only on residences with high usage rates, but now anyone one who owns a single-family home in Los Angeles, Califonria is elligable for a Smart Water Meter Sensor and Leak Detector.

The Smart Water Meter Relief and Rebate Program is very similari to that of this program.. the City of Los Angeles Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation Sewer Service Charge Relief Program LAMC 64.4 is for L.A. DWP account holders only. Installing a water sub meter to your domestic tributary line install allows you the opportunity to obtain an actual count on your water usage, which is the water that goes into your home, pool, and down the drain.

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However, with a Smart Water Meter, you can now be in full control of your water usage and your bill, and you can even be notified if anything goes wrong with your plumbing system, such as if their is a water leak in any of your pipes or water lines.

Witha Smart Water Meter, you can also apply an auto-shut-off functionality, so that in the event of any emergancy situation, such as a natural disaster or a flood, you can rest assured that you will get notifed asap, thus the DWP and the Smart Meter conmpany will also be notifed, in such event, so that you can get the help you need right away.

With the data from a Smart meter, it will be like having your very own water utility expert in the palm of your hand, which you will be able to monitor via your smartphone, such as an Apple Iphone or any Android powered device you might have.

A 2010 survey conducted by the Assn. of California Water Agencies of about 70 agencies showed that about 60% were considering or had plans to install smart meters.

Smart meters instead send wireless signals in real time so residents and utilities can better track water use hourly, daily or weekly, which makes it transparent for both parties.


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