one inch sub water meter

one inch sub water meter

California Utility Services offers approved and certified LADWP sub-water meters and Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety permits. Installing a sub-water meter will save you up to 80% from your sewer service charge(SSC) portion of your bill.   This program is for L.A.DWP account holders only.

Installing a sub-water meter to your domestic tributary line, allows you the opportunity to obtain an actual  count on your water usage that goes down the drain. Stop paying an average usage taken two years ago that included  landscape and pool water that did not go down the drain.

The DWP subwater meter, LADBS permit and installation is available through us.

It  pays for itself within a short period of time, saving you up to 80% from your sewer service charge.

Start Saving Money on Your LADWP  Bill,

Call (800) 400-1727 Today!

two inch sub water meter

two inch sub water meter

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